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A boy’s search for the perfect gift

So yeah that dreaded day in my calendar was back, yes that date which fills every boy’s heart with dread. Don’t let the lovey dovey atmosphere and the cute hearts fool you!! That little guy with a bow and arrow gives me worse nightmares than my college exams…

That’s all because I remember the last time I gave a shitty present to her on Valentine’s day….. Oh boy was that bad! Turns out just a card with a limp rose leads to her sighing a disappointed “oh… this is so cute”, and on top of all this guess which smart guy manages to forget that the day comes at Feb 14th even after last year’s fiasco….this guy right over here!! So began ‘The Great Hunt’. The search for the best valentines present for my special lady with one week remaining.

In Delhi one might think that it’s super easy to get a gift with a shop for everything and all that, but anyone who has gone out to buy a gift for that special someone knows what I am talking about. Oh and the problem gets worse as I am a dude on a college guy’s budget. So off I went out into the forest of markets looking for that elusive gift. And after six hours of hunting everyday for that perfect gift (I’m not kidding over here), I was exhausted and I had nada to show for my efforts, dresses are immediately off the list cause I’m colour blind when it comes to fashion, jewellery – let’s say that with the rising prices of precious metals in this country I could not even get a noose to hang myself let alone something nice for her.

I was exhausted after another gruelling day traipsing through those fancy showrooms in malls to those small shops in Janpath trying desperately to find something sweet. I finally fall down exhausted on my bed submitting to failure, thinking why oh why did that goddamn saint have to fall into forbidden love with that girl and immortalize this day when suddenly my eyes fall on that lone apple cinnamon cupcake my friend gave to me, now what was it called something bake…. Baker….bakers…box-baking…nah oh yes Bake Box…… and a smile spread across my face. Gosh could it really be this simple? With the day nearly coming to an end and Valentine’s day days away I finally log onto and fill the simple order form. I also find out they are giving a goodie bag full of romantic treats in addition to the box!!! I have a feeling I got it completely right this year, seriously how wrong can one go with cake and chocolate. Well that only time will be able to tell, but till then I have my fingers crossed and an apple cinnamon cupcake to keep me company.

Watch this space to hear about my girlfriend’s reaction.

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