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Sinfully Yours: Baked Vanilla Dessert (Eggless!)

Devika Kandhari Chopra from Sinfully Yours shares this wonderful, light dessert that is also very healthy.

Yield- 9 Ramekins , plus little extra for your midnight cravings

2 bourbon vanilla pods OR substitute 1 tsp vanilla extract for 1 pod
400g. fresh cream ( 25 % or higher )
400g. sweetened condensed milk
400g. plain yogurt

Blueberries , raspberries and lightly toasted, slivered almond flakes to decorate OR use any of the other serving suggestions as mentioned below

* NOTE –You can use Amul cream/ Nestle condensed milkmaid and perhaps store bought Nestle yogurt since it’s quite thick and helps bind the dessert.


1) Pre-heat oven at 120 degree Celsius /250 degree Fahrenheit.

2) Scrape the vanilla pod into a bowl.

3) Whisk in the yogurt and mix well.

4) Add the cream and mix . Now, finally add the condensed milk and stir the mixture well , till all ingredients are combined.

5) Pour the mixture into your ramekins and bake till set. Approximately 15- 20 minutes.

6) Let the ramekins cool in the oven before placing them in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours or overnight ( these taste better the next day).

6) Decorate with blueberries, raspberries and toasted almond flakes.


- Add little lemon zest /cardamom to your mixture and serve the yogurt with roasted pistachios.

- Top the baked yogurt with a bit of apricot jam and almonds.

- Enjoy the dessert simple and plain with a fruity liqueur on the side.

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