Delivery Policy


How you get your Bake Box!

When will I get my Bake Box? 

Each Bake Box is prepared, with love, by the city’s most talented bakers once a month. You will receive the Bake Box during the last weekend of the month. Believe me, once you taste the assorted delicacies, it’ll be worth the wait. The mouth-watering treats are the perfect way to end the month on a high note, and to look forward to the next month’s surprise.


How will my Bake Box be delivered?

Your Bake Box will make its way to your house every month. It is home-delivered during the last weekend so that you have ample time to sit back, relax and enjoy the baked goods. All you have to worry about is how to hide it from your greedy uncle.


Can I change my delivery address?

If you need to alter the delivery address you can do simply by contacting and giving us the details. We may need to verify some details and your identity to change the delivery address (just to make sure no friend diverts your Bake Box to his house instead).


Where is my order – the last weekend has passed?

Bake Box keeps in contact with customers in regards to the delivery date and time. If you are expecting a Bake Box that has not been delivered please contact us.


What happens if I’m not in when my Bake Box is delivered?

On the day we deliver your Bake Box we’ll call you up and confirm an approximate delivery time. Since it is a perishable good, we would appreciate it if you would be present to take the delivery at the pre-decided time to avoid any confusion.




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