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FLOC: from the Baker’s mouth

Miss Avani Malhotra gives us the FLOC story in her own words.

The year was 2011, the month August and the date the 7th, when a daughter (already highly spoiled called Avani Malhotra) asked her parents for yet more money for a baking course that she wanted to pursue. The courses had already cost her loving parents a bomb and the equipment was adding fuel to the flame. Plus she was just half-way through it. This started a tussle, between the daughter and mother for money and in that tussle the daughter decided that it was time that these courses started paying for themselves.

Hence, a little FLOC seed was planted. Joined by her super-talented sister Akriti Malhotra (who actually coined the name FLOC), they started a small business on 8th August 2011 from home and started selling to their favourite customers – their friends and family. (Highly supportive friends and family who at the beginning didn’t only buy the cakes but stayed up all night making them).

It wasn’t easy.  One came from a psychology background having completed her Masters just last year. The other came from a finance background, having just left her job at Ernst and Young to take her GMAT. It was a challenge to convince their parents that they wanted to bake rather than work in an office. The sister’s now understand and embody the line ‘ambition comes from passion’.

The ladies are confident that their passion will fuel their journey and if their baking is any judge of that Bake Box feels the sky is the limit!

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