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Jam Making Tips

Jam-making Tips

The Gourmet Jar presents a range of gourmet food products that help you improve your “eating-at-home” experience….by adding a touch of exotic to your food! All their products are handmade in small batches using all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. Made with 100% pure fruit, minimum sugar, and much love and care, they bring you the freshest of the season, full of flavour. One can choose from delicacies like Banana Rum jam, Apple Pie Jam, Fig Cointreau Jam, Kiwi-Orange Whiskey Marmalade, Berry Fruity granola, Honey Sesame Cinnamon Almonds and many more. The wonderful lady behind The Gourmet Jar, Apeksha Jain, shares with Bake Box a few tips on how to make good jam.


  • Never use over-ripe fruit for making jam as the amount of pectin reduces in the fruit as it ripens, which will make it difficult for the jam to set.
  • A dash of lemon helps the jam to set better.
  • Skim any froth that bubbles to the top while cooking the jam.Add only as much water as is needed to create a syrup. Too much water will mean over-cooking the fruit which results in reduced flavour.
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