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KitchenAid prelaunch event powered by Bake Mela

Bake Box and Bake Mela are a celebration of baking and the wide variety of bakers around the country. So with Bake Mela, every baker has a platform to promote themselves but, is it enough to create a success story?

At Bake Mela, we thought long and hard on how to empower our bakers and we realised what was the missing ingredient! Every baker needs a Kitchen Aid!

Hence, Bake Mela in association with Kitchen Aid invited the baking community to a live demonstration of Kitchen Aid’s legendary range of stand-mixers as a pre-launch.

While we drooled on all 8 exciting colours, the Bake team was left craving for the Raspberry Ice and the free goodies offered on booking (glass bowl + beater worth Rs. 8000) definitely made it a sweet deal!


The event saw USA trained Debra and Hanisha (of My little food company also the October baker for the Bake Box) showcase the mixer as they made fresh pasta and whipped up some delicious Strawberry cupcakes with butter cream and cream cheese icings (YUM!)


The two shared handy tips with the audience to further their cooking along with experiencing the different textures of the food as it went through the mixer.

With a strong linage of 90 years, Kitchen Aid is every bakers dream and as we all know, at Bake Mela, we strive to make your dreams come true!

Look out for many more sinful offers and events at Bake Mela, we’ll be the ones feasting on the cupcakes!

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Event roundup by Surabhi Miah

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