April 2014 Bake Box

Baker of the month: The Dancing Chef

As a sociology and criminology major, I never thought I would enter the food and beverage industry. I started baking about two years ago when I tried my hand at a vegan chocolate cake for fun and that's how it all started. I became a devotee of the kitchen specially the oven. My love for food and hosting and passion for dance led me to start The Dancing Chef.
I've been dancing for over a decade and been actively involved in the fitness industry so my products have a healthy twist to them. Over the years, I have gained ample knowledge about different kinds of foods and their benefits.  I have also received formal training from IICA in Hauz Khas Village under their Hobby Chef Programme and I have attended different workshops for chocolate making.
At The Dancing Chef, we use fine quality Belgian chocolate for most of our bakery products. However, we also have other grades of chocolate available such as white chocolate, semi sweet, sugar free etc. Our flavours are a result of experimenting and creativity. I like working with different flavours and enjoy creating something outside the box. Our two most popular and must try flavours are the home brewed coffee cinnamon and peanut butter crisp.
Apart from chocolates, we also serve breakfast granola made with rolled oats, nuts and other fresh ingredients. Our most popular flavour are flavours - banana walnut and peanut butter chocolate chip. We also have a range of tea time cakes and muffins.  All our products are made with organic ingredients and are eggless.  We use fine quality olive oil from Italy, brown sugar, whole wheat flour in most of cakes and muffins. Our most popular cakes are the chocolate chip cake and the banana walnut loaf.  We also offer vegan and sugar free options for our baked products.
Our other products include appetizer dips (hummus, salsa, garlic yogurt dip, spinach dip, and smoked red pepper pesto) and freshly made fruit sauces (applesauce and mixed berry sauce).
My motto is eat good to feel good. I enjoy creating sinful foods for your guilt free indulgence."

Bake Box Contents:

1. Classic Hummus (75gms) with Cocktail Pita 2. Fresh Salsa - Medium (75gms) with Nachos 3. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola (75gms) 4. Banana Bread - 1 slice 5. Chocolate Chip Muffin - 2 6. Cookie and Cream Balls with Sprinkles - 2 7. Chocolates : 1 solid egg with marble decoration and 2 Strawberry S'more Bunny
Name of the Box:- Organic Easter Basket.
Delivery Dates:- April 5, 11, 17, 20
April 5th - Delhi and Noida
April 11th - Gurgaon
April 17th - Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon
April 20th - Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon


The Dancing Chef