August 2013 Bake Box

August 2013

Contents of August's CHOCOHOLIC Bake Box:

Cinnamon roll cupcake with a chocolate fudge frosting- The goodness of cinnamon roll in a cupcake, enhanced by a dark chocolate fudge frosting. Red Velvet cupcake- An old favorite but oh-so-yummy...amazingly soft red velvet with a tangy cream cheese frosting. Banana Chocolate Muffin with Caramel drizzle-There's nothing better than banana in a cake, drizzled with the gooeyness of caramel, this one's our favorite. White and Dark Chocolate Muffin-Chocolate lover alert: Enjoy a chocolate overdose in a chocolate muffin with both white & milk chocolate chips. Vanilla Spice Cake Ball- The interesting mix of vanilla spice (cinnamon & clove) sponge covered in milk chocolate. A must try. Cranberry and White Chocolate Cake Ball-red velvet sponge moistened with cranberry juice and laced with cranberry pieces covered in white chocolate. Divine. Chunky Butterscotch and Chocolate Brownie-Chocolate. Brownie. Butterscotch chips. Enough said. Chocolate-Strawberry Cake Slice- Chocolate sponge cake with a strawberry cream cheese filling topped with a chocolate ganache. Choco Chilli-Nothing regular about this, chilli sauce encased in dark chocolate. Caramelate-Homemade caramel, homemade chocolate, homemade goodness.

About: Love is..Cakes



Started in May 2013, Love is..Cakes is a mother-daughter venture. Two women who wanted to bridge the gap between good-looking cakes and delicious-tasting cakes. You see we're selfish, we always wanted both and realized that maybe there are others who want the same too. Our specialty is customized cakes and cupcakes both in fondant and buttercream, gourmet desserts, customized chocolates. We lay a lot of emphasis on big flavours and a taste that screams: Home-baked, not industrial. Vinita Mehta, is the head chef and co-owner. An army officer's wife, she would whip up cakes in the form of castles,dragons and trains, at a time when shaped-cakes were not in vogue; in small towns where achieving this aim was almost nearly impossible. For 30 years, delicious food has been her forte, but she never thought of it as a career, believing it was just another thing she did well. Nandita Mehta, is the co-owner and junior chef. After 5 years in journalism, covering everything from good cinema to bad cinema, good music to terrible music, jaw-dropping food to jaw-clenching food, she wanted something more. And found the answer in the kitchen of her own home. At 50 and 28 respectively, this is Vinita and Nandita's first business venture. We're waiting for the day when someone asks the pertinent question, 'Love is...?' and someone answers 'Cakes'. Now that may outbid our favourite dessert...! Other Media Coverage: