December 2012 Bake Box

December 2012


Sugar Cookies QTY 4
Star Shaped cookies with a red and green lemon glaze.
Gingerbread Men QTY 2
Christmas just isn't the same with gingerbread men.
Christmas Meringue QTY bag full
A bag full of Christmassy homemade meringues.
Christmas Vanilla Cupcakes QTY 2
Vanilla cupcakes decorated with Christmas cheer.
Signature Filter Kaapi Cupcakes QTY 2
Bee The Baker's best sellers. Coffee cupcakes made from filter coffee!
Banana Cake QTY 1 slice
Choco chip cookies QTY 2+ depending on size
Lemon Cake QTY 1 slice
Choco Chip Cookiese bar QTY 2+ depending on size
ABOUT: Bee The BakerBayiravi, fondly known as 'Bee', rarely entered the kitchen as a child, but when she got a job away from home, her functional relationship with the kitchen began - just to feed her hungry mouth! However, she came to appreciate and enjoy the smiles she was able to put on people's faces when they ate the food she had prepared. And so began her love affair with cooking! Baking is now her passion. She loves desserts because of the combination of flavors in each dish, the simple origins of a seemingly complex dish and importantly, the child it brings out in each of us! She started by rustling up goodies for friends, colleagues, neighbours, but when she found herself staying awake till 4 am to complete an order and then rushing to work the next day – she knew that baking was the love of her life (right now it’s a toss between her husband and baking).Her bakery 'Bee The Baker' makes delicious, homemade, scrumptious, comforting eats, 'kneaded' with the freshest of ingredients and straight from the oven. This is a home bakery based in Gurgaon, Haryana. You can sample a range of desserts... from the good ol’ Walnut Brownie to the hip Boston-Cream-Pie cupcake, from the homely Apple Pie to the sophisticated White Cake with Lemon Curd. She also does customized cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties.


Bee The Baker