August 2014 Bake Box

November Bake:

Mint Chocolate x 3
Caramel Chocolate x 3
Butterscotch Chocolate x 3
Plain Chocolate x 3
Mini Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Fanache filling x 2
Brownie - Plain Chocolate Brownie x 2
Cookies: 4 chocolate chip cookies 2 x 1
Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes - Rakhi special x 2

About: November Bake



Think of a celebration and one thinks of cake. One gets your run of the mill cakes everywhere but 'NOVEMBER Bake' brings you customized gourmet cakes, made with tender care and love. If you have an occasion and want to celebrate it with your loved ones by having something special then give us a call and we will love to make your thoughts, be it simple or fancy, come alive. Not just a cake but an expression of love that says “You are special so why should a cake for you be ordinary.” We also make chocolates, cookies and cupcakes for individual as well as bulk orders.