February 2013 Bake Box

February 2013

Contents of the February Bake Box:

Mousse Cup with Lace Heart- Share the love! Decadent, silky smooth dark chocolate mousse! 2 Brown Butter & Honey Madeleines - These traditional little French cakes with the marriage of the nuttiness of brown butter and the deep sweetness of honey are a perfect accompaniment to your evening cup of coffee with your loved one! 2 Sugar Cookies - With messages to warm anyone's heart, put a smile on that special face! 2 Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting - These say love like none other - moist red velvet cupcakes with Philadelphia Cream Cheese Frosting with just the perfect tang - these are sure to liven up the day with their sweet zing! 2 Cake Pops - Perfect to snack on - decadent Belgian chocolate cake! Life is Sweet! 4 Petit Fours - Traditional French tea time almond cakes with raspberry preserves and marzipan...hugs and kisses is what you'll definitely elicit as they melt in the mouth! 2 Cayenne Truffles - 56% Belgian Chocolate with a cayenne kick - Heartthrobs! 2 Meringue Hearts - Love is in the Air! 2 Sugar Lollies - Wild strawberry lollipops - sure to make hearts go aflutter!  

About: Sweet Nothings by Avanti Mathur

Sweet Nothings is alluring, whimsical and exclusive. It’s a love affair, an addiction, a NEED for absolutely decadent, indulgent and exclusive handcrafted and custom made desserts, cakes and chocolates for those who love to be pampered! Mission: To keep you coming back for more!  


The smile of utter bliss, the soft 'yummm..' uttered involuntarily, the look of the unexpected surprise coupled with the pleasure derived from it...these are what drive Sweet Nothings owner and Pastry Chef Avanti Mathur, graduate of the renowned Culinary Institute of America, New York. Having lived in various countries and travelled widely, has exposed her to an eclectic, diverse mix of people, tastes and ingredients, which, she draws on for inspiration for her unique creations. Through Sweet Nothings, she hopes to share, with you, her passion for perfection and unforgettable food in each of her innovative, exclusive and handcrafted treats.


Sweet Nothings by Avanti Mathur