January 2014 Bake Box

January's Bake Box includes:

Almond cake Cinnamon walnut cake Lemon Bomb Red Velvet cupcake Carrot cake Chocolate nut cake Chocolate orange marble cake Banana muffin Salsa & Granola for the 1st 20 orders!

About: Buzybee



Buzybee didn’t spurt from nowhere – the love and passion for baking cakes and muffins evolved over many years. It started with the seasonal Plum cakes! We were always reminded by our friends that they waited the whole year through to get it every Christmas! From then we've slowly been building up a battery of admirers of home baked cakes and muffins. Having admirers didn't make me a pro, I attended baking classes and workshops to improve my skills which further led to the formation of a home bakery. My sisters have always teased me about "never catching a break". I've always had an attitude of completing all the work at hand as soon as it comes to me. It's the same with my cakes. My husband is a perfectionist and I am all about finishing my work on time (probably not the best combination for my two kids who believe in 'Procrastination' as their motto!). Thus, when it came to naming our small home bakery we thought the name 'Buzybee' was apt to the work ethic in our house! People understand genuine taste and this makes our cakes special and popular with both the young and old. Parents of small kids prefer our home made cakes to the one's available because they know our cakes and know that each is made with the same loving, tender care of a mother. Stalls put at collages or at different places are well received. A few comments ... Being distraught by the over sweet and creamy cakes, Buzybee started baking simple natural flavored cakes and muffins for the many who were on the lookout for such delights. Each cake is specially made to order, with the best ingredients available – without preservatives, enhancers or artificial flavors. Be it dessert or with tea or a celebration…. A slice of cake and a taste of a muffin will leave you craving for more!