November 2014 Bake Box

More Than Just Cakes :

2 - Choco-chip muffins
3 - 2 Red velvet with buttercream frosting + 1 Present Shaped
2 - Chocolate cupcakes with truffle frosting
2 - Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream (Spiderman and Hellp Kitty)
2 - Marble cupcakes chocolate buttercream (Minion and Doremon)
1 - Chocolate with Chocolate buttercream (Angry Bird)

About: More Than Just Cakes



More Than Just Cakes (MTJC) took birth in early 2013, when I used to take up baking and decorating cakes as a means to de-stress myself. Started then as a hobby it was so engrossing that to further my interest I did a Diploma Course in Cake Decorating. As we used to make a scrapbook in childhood I also wanted to keep my cake decorating memories somewhere, to which my brother suggested to come up with a Facebook Page. So then came up More Than Just Cakes (MTJC) with the bottom line that “Happiness doesn’t need a reason it just needs a Celebration.” Soon each of the family (including extended ones) cakes was sourced from MTJC, to which people started appreciating a lot. Also the bundle of pictures kept on increasing. The word was spread amongst my friends too. So one fine day I get this three tier cake order, 25th anniversary special. And I was like what a start… ;). Since then we try and cater to every possible order we can and also disappoint due to our limitations.