July 2013 Bake Box

July 2013

Contents of the June Bake Box:

Baklava Cheesecake-A Greek inspired cheesecake with waves of cinnamon-walnut filling, a crunchy Filo top and sweet honey and cinnamon drenching syrup. A dessert worthy of Zeus himself. Port wine Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes with Mascarpone-made from Vinho de Porto- a fortified wine of Portuguese origin. These little babies are packed with goodies- port wine, cherry and chocolate.. Lemon Meringue Tartlets-An American masterpiece. The buttery pastry case contrasts wonderfully with the Citrus Lemon Curd. Of course we had to top it off with a curly mop of Brown Sugar Meringue. Opera Slice-A magnifique French Gateau. Layers of coffee cake enriched with coffee butter cream and chocolate ganache. Bon Apetit Stained Glass Windows-Reflecting the expertise of the Italian Glass makers, we were inspired to create Stained Glass Cookies. Ornamental cookies that taste delizioso. Chelsea Rolls-From the rain washed streets of England, we present the Chelsea Roll. A sweet roll with a sticky cinnamon sugar centre peppered with chewy raisins. Spiced Chai Cake-We come full circle, back to the lanes of Dilli, with a Spiced Chai Tea Cake. Full bodied and aromatic, sit back and ‘eat the chai’!

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Nicola writes 'Aleana, my little girly was born. Since then, I have been nursing, loving, kissing and showing off my little peanut head. I look at her fluffy cheeks, and compare it to whipped cream, I bite her bottom, and I think of mango mousse. My world became her, and she became my world. That’s when the subliminal truth of my existence arose. Some may wonder how a physiotherapist, turned to baking! What a change of thought, from making clients go through rigorous weight loss programs, to making others gorge on silky smooth chocolate mousse. My lovely sisters’, went through all my unbaked cakes like lab rats. I fed them doughy mixtures of unbaked cakes, and burned their hands with 'hot' chocolate. This was many years back, when I didn't think things like oven temperature and measured ingredients mattered. Ten years down the line, the novice baker, bloomed into a fondant flower. So, welcome to Lov'n Oven, where I express my creativity and love in a plump slice of cake.'