June 2013 Bake Box

June 2013

Contents of the June Bake Box:

Banana walnut muffin-light and fluffy banana muffins loaded with walnuts. Perfect for kick starting the day. Black Bottom-One can never have enough chocolate! Cream cheese and vinegar based choco cuppie will keep you asking for more. Our pick for a non-frosted treat after lunch, keeps the summer noon snack light. Red Velvet Brownie-If you love your red velvet cake, then try its 'brownie' version. Can be enjoyed with some melted White Chocolate. Scones-Perfect for tea time! Enjoy these tender scones with French butter or a jam preserve of your choice. The perfect 'pick me up' any time of the day. Chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons-Super soft coconut balls dipped in semi sweet chocolate. Need we say more? Oat-Walnut-Raisin Chocolate chip cookies-Super chewy! Super yum! Super healthy! Lemon-Poppy seed Muffin-Lemon muffins loaded with poppy seeds for that extra punch. Perfect to satisfy any 'citrus' cravings. The Real Man's Cup-The irresistible Double Chocolate Mud Jar! For those who like their cocoa indulgence...stronger! Scrumptious after-dinner indulgence.

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Salika Bali, a self taught baker's love for everything 'sweet' lead to the launch of her own passionate endeavor 'B.Sweet! Launched a little over a year ago,B.Sweet! is the one stop shop for all your Sweet Tooth cravings. Our extensive menu includes cupcakes in over 50 flavors Classic cakes, dessert jars, Theme cakes, chocolates, muffins, cookies, cheesecake and dessert catering. Our motto is simple. Don't compete...Excel! Simply following this, our dessert boutique keeps churning out unique and interesting flavors such as Banana Cream Pie, Salted Caramel, Raspberry Lemonade, Champagne& Strawberries, White Chocolate& Raspberries, Figs&Honey, White Chocolate Mocha and many more tasters which will satisfy any 'Naughty Sweet Tooth'...guaranteed!


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