June 2014 BakeBox

Bhavna discovered her interest and talent in chocolate making and bakery early. As a teenager she would spend her holidays baking, cooking, making chocolates and playing in the kitchen!  Whilst completing a course in early childhood education, she would get frequent orders from family, friends and neighbours for her delicious goodies and that is how Coco Magic was born. She then went on to pursue a 1 year Patisserie Course  at the international  Institute of Culinary Arts, New Delhi and  completed her internship at the Trident Hotel, Gurgaon. Cocoa Magic has grown to be known for its special home baked, hand crafted and personalized delicacies and delivers to regular clients, birthday parties, corporate and restaurants in New Delhi and Gurgaon; whilst maintaining a high level of fresh, wholesome home - baked goodness. Bhavna has also converged her passion for baking and weaving magical spells in the kitchen along with teaching; In her spare time she holds workshops for young ones on how to play and bake in the kitchen. Her dream is to open a specialist boutique bakerie/pastries that will continue to spread the COCOA magic. Come Taste the Magic! COCOA MAGIC wishes all the father's a very happy father's day


Cocoa Magic