May 2013 Bake Box

May 2013

Contents of the April Bake Box:

6 French flag macarons- Colourful, light and airy crisp shells of pure almond goodness filled with soft fillings of lemon, nutella and strawberry cream. 4 Madelines - Little French 'sea shell' tea cakes with the zing of lemon and orange and decadent honey. Soft and billowy , with just a hint of zest. 6 Sables - French Butter Cookies with luscious Chocolate and French Vanilla with a zest of Orange. Melt in your mouth luxury. Tartlets -Open short crust pastry filled with blueberry and a classic French filling of almond cream and peach. Apple Turnover - Pockets of fresh puff pastry filled with wholesome apples and cinnamon butter. Savoury Puff Pastry - Flaky puff pastry rounds with potato, thyme and caramelized onions with cheese

About: Cupcake & Co.



Cupcake and Company is a New Delhi based virtual bakery that receives orders from people looking for only the exquisite desserts and savories. We believe we offer perhaps the best cupcakes, tarts, pies around. Not to forget the freshest of croissants. No, this is not a hobby neither is it our favorite past time, but it is no doubt a deep thrilling passion, so much so that we wake up every morning thinking, imagining and inventing the best tastes possible. Trained to market fashion at FIT New York, Smita Singhal, our head pastry chef decided to instead train herself in baking for many years and then was, to no surprise selected to be trained in pastry at the Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. We don't bake the run-of-the-mill Mud pies, Black forest cakes, and dull Blueberry Cheesecakes. We are the company that makes bread like it was meant for Christ, we make cupcakes ranging from Mocha Butter Creams to Strawberry Shortcakes, to Liquor Based Toppings. We bake the delicious Savoury Bacon and Corn, Eclair in Coffee and Chocolate Cream, Pear Charlotte, Tarte Aux Pomme (French Apple Tarts), Dacquaise (Almond and Meringue cake filled with Pear), the intrigue-filled Three King cake (Puff Pastry Cake filled with Vanilla Pastry Cream), Magador (Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Glaze Chocolate Cake), the super sinful Alahmbra (Hazelnut and Chocolate), Orange and Lemon tartlets to simply an All Italian Herb with Cream-Cheese frosting cupcake… And these are just a few of our favorite things. We make Tarts and Pies and Cupcakes of fruits, liquors and flavors you may have never tasted before. [gallery]


Cupcake & Co.