November 2013 Bake Box

November's Bake Box includes:

Chotta Bheem Ladoo (2 pieces)- yummy ladoo SpiderMan Cookies (2 pieces)- spider man designed cookie Doreman Mud Cupcake (1 piece)- Doreman fondant topped cupcake Angry Bird Mud Cupcake (1 piece)-angry bird fondant topped cupcake Marble Sliced Cake (2 pieces)- marbely slices of loaf cake Chocolate Cake Pop (2 pieces)- chocolate covered cake pops with sprinkles

About: The Sugar Shack



The Sugar Shack was founded by Kamakshi Aggarwal in 2010. Despite having a background in commerce and maths Kamakshi was always interested in graphic design and baking. The talented young baker honed her skills by doing a certificate course in london and then did one year patisserie course. She even interned at The Park (New Delhi). She has now built a name for herself in fondant cakes and cupcakes.


The Sugar Shack