November 2012 Bake Box


Chocolate Dessert Jar  QTY 1
Moist layers of chocolate cake layered with Dulce de leche sauce and toasted nuts topped with 73 % dark chocolate bourbon sauce.
Mousse it   QTY 1
Velvety chocolate mousse served on a bed of cream cheese chocolate cookie soil topped with caramel cocoa nibs and chocolate almond wisp.
Red Velvet Jar  QTY 1
Classic American dessert-red velvet cake layered with decadent cream cheese frosting.
Carrot cinnamon spice cupcake   QTY  2
Perfect for winters, spicy carrot cupcake topped with vanilla butternut flavor frosting and excited with a pineapple flower.
Almond anise biscotti   QTY 4
Cupcake kebab  QTY 1
Sugar.Dust specialty! We won’t reveal the mystery .Order the bake box to find out!
Orange rosemary tea cake   QTY 2 slices
Citrusy and herby,our version is delightful and refreshing with your earl grey!
Chocolate bar   QTY 1
A surprise flavour

ABOUT: SUgar.Dust

  SUgar.dust has been started with the intent to create sumptuous, quirky, & chic confectionery with dollops of love. This passionate endeavour aims to capture your heart with its luxe and relishable concoctions – from custom cupcakes to cakePOPs, vintage chocolate bars to blissful brownies, SUgar.dust aims to create delicious sweet art. The brainchild of Suhani Mahajan Bhel, Sugar.dust is a synthesis of Suhani’s culinary skills and fashion milieu. A graduate from Le Cordon Bleu (London), Suhani is a trained pâtissier with a degree in baking and pastry arts. Her eclectic style, picked up from her long stint in the fashion industry, along with her love and passion for baking, has led her to start SUgar.dust. ... Baking “Prouder” always!