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The Hunt for Red Velvet

The Bake Box team loves red velvet cake. We are not following the faddish obsession that seems to be sweeping NCR for this delcious cream cheese frosting piece of heaven. We  are die hard disciples of red velvet and always have been. We had our first red velvet in the mother land of cake innovation: NYC baby and thought nothing could meet the mark. However, our prayers were answered by Elma’s in Hauz Khas Village. Their layered red velvet cake is becoming a pilgrimage for cake lovers and something everyone knows about. You mention Elma’s red velvet cake to anyone who has been and you get that knowing smile and sparkle in the eye from the person. It is fast becoming Delhi’s worst kept secret. Now here is the thing. Bake Box is fanatic about supporting small scale and home bakers of which Elma’s is not. So we are dedicating our time to finding a home baker who makes a red velvet that can rival Elma’s from one of our home bakers. We refuse to accept in a city the size of Delhi that Elma’s should have a monopoly. So our search begins. Right now we have a red velvet in the fridge waiting to be savoured. It looks better than Elma’s but will the taste match the visual…watch this space and we will keep you posted.

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