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Unboxing the May Bake Box

Another month, another Bake Box!

Something is different though, for we are going French this month!
No need for visas, passports, air tickets or packing as the best of France will be delivered at your doorstep!
Each delicacy better than the next, you are in for a real treat! But, if the question of where to begin plagues you as you set to devour the yumminess in front, have no fear, for this is what the Bake Box team has to say!

Jennifer is sold on the Sable biscuit which left her sweet tooth craving for more! Not essentially a biscuit person, the citrusy delight has truly surprised her taste buds!

Wolf swears that as he bit into the Puff pastry with Apple Cinnamon he was instantly transported to his days in Paris. With a weakness for Puff pastries, his delight was apparent as he dusted the flakes!

Mansi cannot stop raving about the buttery honey taste of the Madeline but the after taste, its the after taste of the cakey heaven that has made her a fan. Looking to seize the accompanying piece of Madeline, this one is a star for sure!

Gaurav was left asking for more as he bit into the divine Peach and Almond paste tart. A definite yes!

While the team eyes the next box just sitting innocently on the table, have you got yours yet? Order one today!

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