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Visit www.bakebox.in every month to check out the featured baker and reserve your Bake Box or gift one to a friend. Congrats, you are now a Bake Box-er. Simple as that. We forward your request to our hand-selected 'baker of the month' . He or she assembles you a fresh, delicious Bake Box filled with goodies for you to relish. We will contact you to organise delivery or pick up date. Orders are grouped geographically.
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Delivery Dates: 13th, 14th and 25th February


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  • How does Bake Box work?

    Check out "How Does It Work" for all the details!
  • When do I get my Bake Box?

    Click 'Order your bake Box' on the left, fill in your order details and hit ORDER! You're ready to go!
  • What if I want to get my Bake Box on a Tuesday?

     At the moment, Bake Box only delivers on set days each month. This is to fit around our baker’s busy         schedules    and to ensure you get the freshest cake possible. But ... if you’re having a party and giving out a Bake Box (what an amazing idea!! ) then we’re sure we can figure something out, just drop us a mail contact@bakebox.in and we will get back you!
  • How do I pay for the Bake box I just ordered?

    You can pay by cash on delivery but if you are out-station or want to gift a Bake Box you can deposit cheques at Yes Bank branches or transfer the money online.
  • How much will I have to pay for my Bake Box?

      Your Bake Box will cost Rs. 850/- only per month! Visit the site each month to order your delicious Bake Box.  Pay by cash on delivery, transfer or cheque.
  • I'm a baker!! Can I be a part of Bake Box?

    Of course you can!! We’re always on the hunt for new talent! Just drop us a mail at contact@bakebox.in and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • What do I get in a Bake  Box?

     Bake Box features one  baker every month, so in a box you’ll receive an assortment the baker’s products. All the produce is freshly baked on the day of delivery. Apart from that you also get their contact card and their menu card so if you ever want to get in touch with them later, you know where to call!
  • I'm allergic to nuts!! Is there some way I can let the baker know of my allergies?

    Unfortunately in the preparation and packaging of the treats the baker cannot ensure that traces of nuts are not present in the Bake Box cake. If you do have any serious food allergies we suggest you do not order a Bake Box and cannot be held liable in the event of an adverse reaction.
  • Do the products in the Bake Box contain eggs?

    Yes, most baked products are prepared using eggs and at present Bake Box does not offer an eggless Bake Box. We hope to be able to develop this offer in the future!
  • Where does Bake Box deliver?

      Bake box delivers in Delhi and Gurgaon.
  • I have some special requirements for my Bake Box or there's something I'd like the baker to know about my order. What do I do?

    Easy! Just call us at 9711024429. Or drop in a mail at contact@bakebox.in . You can also use these to ask us any other queries that you would have!
  • We're happy to listen to any suggestions you might have to improve our service!


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